State Campaigns

Great news, Governor Brown has signed SB 10 into law!
Thanks to all the advocates who worked tirelessly in support of SB 10. It is because of your efforts that we’ve reached this very important milestone. A few days ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed historic legislation that would remove an exclusion to Covered California that prevents undocumented immigrants and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients from purchasing health coverage on the state’s insurance marketplace. SB 10 (Lara), directs the state to apply for a federal 1332 waiver under the Affordable Care Act so that all Californians have access to Covered California. California will become the first state to request a federal waiver for all Californians to purchase health plans in the State Exchange. If the waiver is approved by the federal government, undocumented and DACA recipients will be able to review and purchase an unsubsidized health plan through our state marketplace, Covered California.
We Still Need Your Assistance. Urge Legislators to Vote YES for SB 527 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (Prop. 47) – Grant Program
SB 527 (Liu) ensures the effective implementation of the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Grant Program by supporting local education agencies in developing strong, research-based positive, restorative, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive approaches along with community school strategies to reduce chronic absenteeism, truancy, and out of school removals that will support students at risk of dropping out.
SB 527 will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on June 15th.
Please take a moment to call members of the Assembly Education Committee and urge their YES vote!
Asm. Dr. Shirley Weber, Chair, (916) 319-2079
Asm. Matt Harper, Vice Chair, (916) 319-2074
Asm. Travis Allen, (916) 319-2072
Asm. Richard Gordon, (916) 319-2024
Asm. Evan Low, (916) 319-2028
Asm. Kevin Mullin, (916) 319-2022
Asm. Adrin Nazarian, (916) 319-2046


YES on SB 443 (Mitchell)

For years, California law enforcement has been able to use a loophole in outdated federal asset forfeiture laws that lets them take—and permanently keep—a person’s cash, car, or home without even arresting them. Senate Bill 433, introduced by Sen. Holly Mitchell, will help end this unfair practice.

The legislation will close the door on this predatory practice by preventing local law enforcement agencies from permanently keeping someone’s cash or property if the person has not been convicted of a crime. We have heard stories of law enforcement agencies cashing in on people’s life savings, hard-earned wages, their homes and even their wedding rings, with no accountability. Our communities deserve an end to this unfair and unjust practice for profit. 

Please support SB 443 by urging your Assembly member to vote YES when it reaches the Assembly Floor.  You can find your Assembly member here

Suggested message: “My name is [name] and I am constituent urging you to vote yes on SB 433, by Senator Mitchell.  SB 433 is important towards ensuring our right to due process, and to not have our hard earned property taken from us unfairly. I urge my Assembly member to vote YES when it reaches the Assembly Floor for a vote.”

YES on AB 2298 (Weber)

AB 2298, is authored by Asm. Shirley Weber of San Diego. AB 2298 does three very important things that are critical towards ensuring that communities of color are not being unfairly profiled as a result of the neighborhood in which they live. AB 2298 requires that before a law enforcement agency that utilizes shared gang databases designates an individual as a suspected gang member, associate or affiliate, that written notice must be provided to that individual, it establishes a procedure for a person designated as a gang member to challenge that designation through an administrative hearing and an appeal to the superior court, and it requires that if a person who has been designated as a gang member has not been convicted of a violation of a gang-related crime within three years of the initial designation, that they be removed from the database.


Many of us may be in the database, and not even know it. Allegations of gang membership have many negative consequences and can even affect access to immigration relief such as DACA. Please take a moment to act now and call members of the Senate Public Safety Committee, the vote takes place this Tuesday, June 21, and could use your support.

Senator Loni Hancock (Chair) (916) 651-4009
Senator Joel Anderson (Vice Chair) (916) 651-4038
Senator Steven M. Glazer (916) 651-4007
Senator Mark Leno (916) 651-4011
Senator Carol Liu (916) 651-4025
Senator Bill Monning (916) 651-4017
Senator Jeff Stone (916) 651-4028
Suggested Message: “My name is ____ and I live in (city). As a member of the Senate Committee on Public Safety, I am urging your YES vote on AB 2298. More than ever, we need transparency in policing, and this bill is an important step towards increasing community trust. Please vote yes on Tuesday on AB 2298!”