State Campaigns

Great news, Governor Brown has signed SB 10 into law!
Thanks to all the advocates who worked tirelessly in support of SB 10. It is because of your efforts that we’ve reached this very important milestone. A few days ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed historic legislation that would remove an exclusion to Covered California that prevents undocumented immigrants and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients from purchasing health coverage on the state’s insurance marketplace. SB 10 (Lara), directs the state to apply for a federal 1332 waiver under the Affordable Care Act so that all Californians have access to Covered California. California will become the first state to request a federal waiver for all Californians to purchase health plans in the State Exchange. If the waiver is approved by the federal government, undocumented and DACA recipients will be able to review and purchase an unsubsidized health plan through our state marketplace, Covered California.
Thanks again to all the advocates who've worked to improve the lives of California's boys and men of color. 

The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color has identified five core priorities for action in 2016. They include: 1.) End the criminalization of youth, 2) Ensure police reform and accountability, 3) Implement Prop. 47 equitably, 4) Promote safe and successful schools, and 5) Advance equitable school funding.

With the exception of “Promote safe and successful schools” each priority area includes a set of bills that the Alliance has been actively supporting. 

End the Criminalization of Youth

  • AB 2298 (Weber)   The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color strongly urges the Governor to sign AB 2298, which will provide much needed due process and transparency of the CalGang database. This bill will require law enforcement to provide a written notice before a person is listed in the CalGang database and will also grant a person designated as a gang member or gang affiliate the opportunity to challenge the designation. (bill sponsored by Assemblymember Shirley Weber)

    The criteria police use to determine gang membership is broad and unreliable, which has led to massive cases of racial profiling in communities of color. Even though African-Americans and Latinos only make up 6.6 percent and 38.1 percent of California’s population, respectively, they make up 20 percent and 66 percent of those in the CalGang database. Additionally, gang allegations prevents eligible youth from applying for resources such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which would provide them support for legal employment and civic engagement. Gang suppression strategies, such as gang databases, are counterproductive to the goals of reducing crime and violence.

    Please call Governor Brown today at (916) 445-2841 and urge him to sign AB 2298 now!
  • SB 882 (Hertzberg) Ends the criminalization of youth for transit fare evasion.  STATUS: Currently, on Governor Brown's desk. Ask him to sign the bill now!
  • SB 1052 (Lara) Juveniles: Mandates legal counsel for youth even before reading of Miranda rights. 
  • SB 1143 (Leno) Juveniles: solitary confinement.  Strictly limits use of solitary confinement for juveniles in state and local facilities. 

  • AB 2765 (Weber) – Removes the time limitation for petitioning or applying for a reduction of sentence.  Requires a 2/3rds vote.

Ensuring Police Reform and Accountability

  • SB 1289 (Lara) Prohibits law enforcement agencies from entering into for-profit contracts to detain immigrants.  Also delineates rights for undocumented detainees. 
  • AB 2792 (Bonta)  TRUTH Act, increases transparency and accountability by local law enforcement regarding immigration enforcement policies, the data they maintain on immigrants, and transfers and notifications made ICE deportation programs.
  • SB 443 (Mitchell) Forfeiture: controlled substances.  Requires a criminal conviction prior to seizing property. 

Implementing Proposition 47 Equitably

  • AB 1014 (Thurmond) & SB 527 (Liu) Safe Neighborhood Grants (Proposition 47). Would establish the Learning Communities for School Success Program for the purpose of implementing the grant program and sets forth criteria to guide the department in making grant awards.

Advancing Equitable School Funding

  • AB 2548 (Weber) Requires a statewide accountability system to meet federal guidelines and includes key indicators from the LCAP rubric.  

Promote Safe and Successful Schools

  • While legislation is not actively being advanced in this arena, the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is demanding an end to willful defiance suspensions and expulsions. Leaders throughout the state are working to elevate public understanding of willful defiance and the suspension and expulsion issues that disproportionately impact youth of color by:
  1. supporting local campaigns organizing to remove use of willful defiance from the discipline code, 
  2. monitoring local and state implementation of AB 420,
  3. sharing research and data on the impact of willful defiance and AB 420, and 
  4. developing a messaging strategy informed by the experiences of youth.