State Campaigns

The Alliance works to secure and implement policies that achieve our policy objectives through statewide legislation, administrative procedures, and the budgetary process to improve the lives of California's boys and young men of color.

Thanks in part to your support, the Alliance celebrated a number of important policy wins in 2015. (Click here to see Alliance priority bills passed into law in 2014.)
Whereas the Alliance is grateful for recent years' policy wins, the quest for improving the lives of boys and men of color continues.  Please notify your networks in support of the Strong California budget proposal.



The Board of State and Community Corrections has proposed that Governor Brown allocate $250 million dollars from the General Fund for jail construction this year. This comes on the heels of hundreds of millions of dollars over the last several years of investment in prison construction in our state. We believe that we must say NO to the $250 million in additional funding for jails, and instead say YES to investment in our Boys and Men of Color, by supporting the Strong California proposal.

Assemblymember Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-59) and Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-18) have proposed a historic $100 million in grants to qualified non-profit organizations to support 1) health equity, 2) educational success, 3) youth development 4) improved employment and labor force participation, and to 5) decrease contact with child welfare, law enforcement and the juvenile and criminal justice systems. 

According to the 2010 Census, over 70 percent of Californians under the age of 25 identify as people of color, and this number is expected to grow. Within that demographic, a disproportionate number of California’s boys and young men of color – primarily African American, Latino, Native American, and Southeast Asian males, experience underperforming schools, disadvantaged neighborhoods, poor health, inadequate social support, and limited job opportunities.

It’s time to invest in the future of our state by making sure that our boys and young men of color have opportunities to succeed and thrive. This proposal is currently being considered as part of the budget process. To help us succeed in ensuring this investment of our boys and young men of color, please contact your California State Senator and tell them that you strongly support the Strong California budget proposal. Please also call Governor Brown and tell him NO to the $250 million proposal for jail construction.

Proposition 47 and Estimated Cost Savings

Proposition 47 requires state savings resulting from the proposition to be transferred into a new fund, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund (SNSF). The new fund is intended to fund efforts targeted at reducing truancy, supporting drop-out prevention programs in K-12 schools, increasing victim services grants, and supporting mental health and substance use disorder treatment services. The Director of Finance is required to calculate the savings every year, and this year calculated that savings would amount to about $29.3 million, which is vastly different than what was expected. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (“LAO”) believes that the calculations made by the Director of Finance are grossly underestimated, and believes the savings are closer to $135 million. 

We believe that Governor Brown should follow the recommendation of the Legislative Analyst’s Office and uphold the will of the voters and its cost savings on the figures estimated by the LAO. Please take a moment to call Governor Brown and ask him to follow the recommendations of the LAO in estimating cost savings from Prop. 47.