Our Vision

California’s future prosperity depends on its young people having a fair chance to thrive and succeed. This will require creating opportunities for all young Californians, including Californians of color:  according to the 2010 Census, over 70 percent of Californians under the age of 25 identify as people of color, and this number is expected to grow.
But a disproportionate number of California’s boys and young men of color – primarily African American, Latino, Native American, and Southeast Asian males—experience failing schools, run-down neighborhoods, poor health, inadequate social support, and limited job opportunities. 
All Californians stand to benefit by investing in young men of color so they have the chance to grow up healthy, get a good education, and make positive contributions to their communities.
We will reap the rewards of this investment. We need our boys and young men of color to make our neighborhoods safer and stronger and work hard and innovate to keep California competitive in the global economy. It’s time for California to support the success of our boys and young men of color, not just as a matter of fairness and equality, but for the economic strength and competitiveness of our state.

The Alliance works to ensure that California’s boys and young men of color:

  • Are physically and mentally healthy;
  • Live in safe neighborhoods;
  • Succeed in school and work; and
  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and leadership capacity to contribute to their families, communities, and the state’s social and economic well-being.


The Alliance has a four-point strategy to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color by: