COVID-19 Response

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for our communities to grapple with, it has also deepened existing inequities for boys and men of color, our families, and communities.

From jobs and educational barriers to deadly jails and prisons to family violence and instability, this pandemic has laid bare and brought new urgency to the demands people of color have been making for decades: we need a radical transformation of our unjust and racist systems and the self-determination, power, and resources required to thrive.

Through the strength of our network, the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color team is creating space for dialogue on the impact of COVID-19,  sharing resources and information to support our well-being, and building the collective power required to advance and implement policies that address emerging and urgent needs and also lay the foundation for a more equitable future. 

As we navigate this crisis we are guided by the following demands from people of color directly impacted by systemic injustice, social justice philanthropy, and the work of organizers and advocates from critical mutual-aid networks that have arisen to meet the urgency of this moment.